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Choosing the best housing loan package can save you thousands of dollars every year if not more. It is only prudent to give serious thought on the housing loan package to go for. At my housing loan, you enjoy convenience, better housing loan packages and professional advice at no cost to you!

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my housing loan partners with every bank and financial institution in Singapore. There are more than 12 banks and financial institutions that offer housing loans. Imagine having to obtain and filter over 100 housing loan packages from all these sources!

Furthermore, housing loan packages change all the time. You may have decided on a particular package but a better package may be launched before you accept the letter of offer. We constantly monitor the market to ensure you get the best housing loan package at the time of signing.

Once you take up your housing loan through my housing loan, we will update you on better refinancing packages that come along. There is no need for you to worry about not getting the best housing loan anymore.

Better Housing Loan Packages

Since 2004, my housing loan has assisted clients arrange more than $500 million worth of housing loans. As we have longstanding relationships with partnering home loan lenders, it is easier for us to get better packages than walk-in customers.

Professional Advice

In considering the best housing loan package, beside interest rates, there are other factors such as lock-in periods, amortization methods and special features or perks that you will have to take into account. It can be tough choosing a housing loan package that best suits your needs. We will compare and analyze packages so that you get the best deal.